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Live life! It's a simple phrase which for me has always been about embracing life.

Our lives can be as simple, or as full and abundant, as we want them to be! To live life well is about knowing yourself and having the energy to more fully embrace what we have around us, with love, passion and excitement. There's a marked difference between having a life and living a life!

So often though, our ability to grab hold of life with both hands is limited by our levels of energy. Life naturally draws on our energy each day - work, children, relationships, lifestyle factors - and can mean we don't have the same capacity to embrace life fully and joyfully. When we're able to boost our energy however, we can have a whole new view of the world.

You may have noticed that on days when you've woken up feeling refreshed and energised, everything seems brighter. With more energy you feel a greater connection with what's important for you in life, you're happier and are more present to those around you. You tend to live life more fully, more joyfully. When you are at your healthiest and happiest, you are better able to balance the ebbs and flows of life's requirements.

These are the days most of us seek more of in life.

As a Healthy Lifestyle Coach I love that we have the ability within ourselves to increase this everyday energy and personal zest for life. By considering how we eat, the level of activity we have in our days and the attitude we adopt, we have the ability to influence our life vitality, and in doing so, ultimately impact our ability to gain greater joy and satisfaction in life. When this happens in our own lives, those around us reap the rewards as well.

Inspiring Health and Vitality is about inspiring you to live a healthier life, to “live life” well and naturally. Discover new sources of energy and vitality and achieve a real sense of well being.

2 and 5 hour workshops are offered on a variety of topics designed to give you practical information that you can readily apply to your everyday lifestyle.

One-on-one personalised sessions are also available where together we look at your personal lifestyle, the activity you do, what you’re eating, how to maximise the health benefits of this and other food choices, plus a consideration of what factors may be limiting your progress to date.
It’s a tailored approach which combines the benefits of one-on-one fitness training, with a personalised look at your eating and how with simple changes we can make your food plan a healthy, more life giving one – which naturally flows through to a healthier, more vibrant you both inside and out.

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