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Sophie draws on her own extensive experience, and that of a number of Health and Fitness professionals to offer you a range of workshops and experiences so that you can explore new activities, restore your natural energy, re-discover balance and harmony, enhance your natural inner beauty, nourish your body and nurture your spirit

Be inspired to create positive healthy changes in your life!

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Activity workouts For a fantastic energy and antioxidant boost, try this delicious smoothie!

Green Berry Smoothie
The berries and banana mellow the spinach flavour, creating a tasty and nutrient rich energy drink.

For 2 servings
2 cups of berries fresh or frozen – eg. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries
1 banana
Juice from 1/4-1/2 lemon
3 big handfuls of baby spinach
2 cups of water

Blend together the banana, berries, lemon juice and water for 30 seconds. Add the baby spinach and blend until smooth.

The Benefits:
The rich deep colours of the ingredients hint at their high flavonoid and phytochemical content and together they pack a punch when it comes to antioxidants and anticancer properties. Plus they're great for the heart! The high energy banana, rich in soluble fibre, can also help if you need a little assistance getting things moving (if you know what I mean!). To lower the GI of this recipe the banana can be replaced with pear.

Activity workouts Get Active! Exercise improves brain function.
Exercise improves blood supply therefore fuel to the brain. It can result in the brain creating more nerve cells, makes those nerves stronger and helps them withstand stress, and improves neurotransmitter function, all of which help the brain work more effectively. Yay for exercise!
Activity workouts Add chives or shallots next time you cook scrambled eggs. They're part of the Allium family of vegetables which stimulate glutathione, encouraging the elimination of toxins & cancer causing agents.
Activity workouts Have a Ginger tea to improve circulation and regulate blood sugar, in other words your energy levels.
Activity workouts Sniff some cinnamon! Just smelling this beautifully aromatic spice boosts brain activity and improves cognitive processing!

For more inspiration and motivation, consider..

One-on-One Personal training

One-on-One Personal training Exercise and activities that will boost your fitness and uplift your soul
One-on-One Personal training Beach and outdoor workouts
One-on-One Personal training Box-a-cise sessions
One-on-One Personal training Deep water running
One-on-One Personal training Core stability development – fitball / bosu
One-on-One Personal training Coastal bike rides

Workshops on Nutrition & Healthy Eating including

Workshops on Nutrition & Healthy Eating One-on-one consideration of your eating
Workshops on Nutrition & Healthy Eating The gut – brain – body connection
Workshops on Nutrition & Healthy Eating Food and your mood
Workshops on Nutrition & Healthy Eating Healing foods
Workshops on Nutrition & Healthy Eating Anti-ageing food tips
Workshops on Nutrition & Healthy Eating Supermarket tours

Health & Healing workshops including

Health & Healing workshops Yoga
Health & Healing workshops Looking at life balance
Health & Healing workshops Relaxation and Meditation
Health & Healing workshops Sounds of life

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is extremely motivating and encouraging, always managing to bring out my best.
K. Hodson

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Engaging Sophie
to run our after work fitness program turned out to be a great decision. Professional and personable, Sophie ensured all participants had fun while working out.
C. Bailie