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For more information on any of the following programs including current dates and costings, please contact me for a more detailed overview. A Program Outline can be sent to you.

Activate and Empower
Your 6 Week One-on-One Personalised Vitality Program

Once a week for 6 weeks immerse yourself in a tailored program designed to lift your vitality, get you active and energised, develop your knowledge on health and fitness areas that are specific to you, and give you time out to explore a healthier happier you. [more...]

Your Personalised Vitality Program includes:

Your Personalised Vitality Program Complimentary ½ hour one-on-one consultation to create your own Life Vitality Program
Your Personalised Vitality Program 6 x 1½ hour one-on-one tailored health and fitness sessions designed to boost your vitality and energy for life.
Each of these sessions includes a 'One-on-One Personal Training workout' together with a half hour tailored 'mini workshop' covering topics reflecting your interests and needs. Develop your knowledge of areas that will best serve you. These topics can include, but are not limited to:
Mini Workshop Personalised kitchen pantry makeover
Mini Workshop Optimising your every day eating - working in with the food you love
Mini Workshop Food for vitality and health
Mini Workshop Food and your mood
Mini Workshop Natural beauty and health
Mini Workshop Supermarket tour
Mini Workshop Exploring Relaxation techniques
Mini Workshop Core stability
Mini Workshop How to maximise the benefits of an active life
Mini Workshop Posture and breathing

Energy and You
An introduction to natural Energy, Food & Vitality

This workshop offers fantastic insight into how to source more energy naturally in your life, and is a great introduction to Inspiring Health and Vitality's programs. It's practical advice covering nutrition, exercise and activity and the way our body's work beyond just the basics. Become a healthier, more energetic you! [more...]

Learn more about these amazing bodies of ours and how to optimise your wellbeing naturally. Consider food in its simplest form and see how nature provides us with readily available super sources of energy for our every day. Find out how with simple, yet effective changes, you can live your life with more vitality and enthusiasm.

Whether you’re just starting on the journey toward optimum health or you’re looking to expand on your current base of knowledge, this program is for you.

Vitality and Zest
Superfoods, antioxidants, foods for vitality and energy

One of the most popular programs, this is a great follow on/extension to the Introduction to Energy, Food and Vitality. Discover the potential of food to help you gain greater vitality, improve mental clarity and focus, boost your moods and give you more vitality and zest in your days. [more...]

Learn what nature's super foods are, which foods are packed with vitality and how to incorporate them into your every day eating. Increase your knowledge of antioxidants and their impact on energy. Explore the connection between food and your mood. Look at preparation and cooking methods and be empowered to create tasty healthy dishes which optimise the life force of each meal.

You're welcome to join me after the workshop and sample some complimentary dishes to see how easy it is to create meals that burst with flavour and nutrition.

Relax and Reconnect
Discover foods and simple techniques to destress your life and reconnect with the powerful, vital, healthy you

Support yourself and your friends in times of stress or trauma with natural effective methods which relax and replenish body, mind and soul. Gain a greater understanding of how and why our body reacts to stress and learn what it needs. Build greater resilience and empower yourself to weather the various tides of life. [more...]

Together we look at the physiology of your body's stress response, what essential vitamins and minerals become depleted and foods, herbs and other natural ways to support both mental and physical health, including our immune system. Learn more about relaxation and exercise techniques and the impact of sleep, beyond just the basics. It's practical advice and steps you can introduce straight away to encourage you to relax and reconnect with what's most important for you in life.

Strong to the very Core
Core stability workshop to maximise results from training and enhance functional everyday fitness

Strong core stability can help create tone and definition, helps maximise the results of your training and improve athletic performance, can alleviate lower back concerns, encourages better posture and assists with general injury prevention.[more...]

The muscles of the trunk and torso stabilise the spine from the pelvis to the neck and shoulders and allow for the transfer of powerful movements of the arms and legs. These strong movements originate from the center of the body out, rather than from the limbs alone. The more stable the core, the more powerfully the extremities can contract, hence the benefits to training, athletic performance and fitness for daily living.

In this workshop we look at what the key 'core' muscles are and how to activate them effectively, plus practically consider what exercises are effective and why. This is both an informative and practical workshop. Participants have the option of trying some of the movements for themselves if they want to.

Get Out and Active
6 week group, outdoor fitness course that's fun, focused and gets results!

Feel fitter, more energetic, stronger and more toned in the areas that we as women want. Once a week, for 6 weeks enjoy a social, group fitness workout that's fun, challenging and varied each time.[more...]

We keep the energy high while keeping the atmosphere fun, as you challenge your body with activities including boxing, squats, lunges, circuits, sand running, stair work and resistance training including press-ups and situps.

It's fun, energetic, varied and gets results! It's suitable for all fitness levels – a fitness assessment at the start of the course will help me determine how hard to challenge you, and group sizes are kept small to maintain that personal attention.

Do you have an area of interest you'd like to know more about?
Feel free to contact me... perhaps I can guide you to one of our workshops which will offer you information in this area, or it may be possible to have a one-on-one session where we cover specifically what you're looking for.

Each of us comes to this space with different life experiences and aspirations and varying levels of knowledge and interest. For this reason, Inspiring Health and Vitality offers a personalised program to encourage, guide and motivate you on your own health and fitness journey.

Please note: In keeping with the personalised nature of the Inspiring Health and Vitality philosophy, workshop numbers are strictly limited to 10 people. Be sure to book in early to avoid disappointment

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Thank you
for all your enthusiasm, knowledge, help and friendship. You taught me so much. Without doubt my well being was enhanced by your diligence.
A. Harmsworth

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