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One-on-One Personal training Health and Wellbeing Coach
One-on-One Personal training Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor
One-on-One Personal training Workshop Presenter in exercise, nutrition and wellbeing
One-on-One Personal training Corporate Group Fitness Trainer

Learning and discovering ways in which I can bring more energy, vitality, fun and joy into life, and then sharing that with others through my coaching, is something that inspires me and gives me a great deal of joy and life satisfaction.

I'm truly passionate about these fabulous bodies we are blessed with, and how we, with some assistance from nature, can nurture and support them for optimal health and happiness.

For many years now I have pursued and enjoyed a healthy lifestyle and actively sought knowledge in this area to share with others.

A serious car accident along the way, saw my world turn upside down and I struggled significantly both emotionally and physically, with pain which was at times debilitating and my weight ballooning. This ultimately served me well in that it gave me a greater appreciation of what it feels like to be living in a vulnerable body and soul that at times I didn't like, and which needed some support and revitalising.

My journey back to health and happiness further developed my knowledge and insight into vitality and wellbeing and provides another dimension to my workshops. I found that as I influenced the state of my health, through healthy eating, exercise and activity, and healthy lifestyle options, my energy, attitude and overall appreciation of life improved.

It is this knowledge and experience I now share with others, to help each of us connect more with the sunshine in life.

My journey to date finds me in a place where I focus on life balance and look at simple, practical and effective ways to bring more energy and life into each day. Through my work I offer clients the opportunity to experience on a one-on-one level a similar journey to one they might immerse themselves in at a health retreat…an uplifting adventure for the body, mind and soul.

Coach, Presenter, Personal Trainer....

My work has seen me involved in the natural health and wellbeing industry for more than 20 years spread across Australia, India and Indonesia. My first introduction to the benefits of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing came during my time at the highly regarded health retreat The Golden Door in the Gold Coast hinterland, further inspired by time spent at the prestigious award winning lifestyle retreat Gwinganna.

Working with such world leaders in their fields, I discovered and have continued to nurture my passion and knowledge for optimising my client's health, not only through exercise and fitness, but nutrition, positive mental well-being and natural healing options.

I have also been fortunate enough to have spent a great deal of time travelling internationally, including more than a year travelling through Africa and the Middle East, time spent living in India, and I am currently living in East Java, Indonesia. This time has given me a fabulous, unique opportunity to gain more insight into alternative lifestyles and healing options.

Qualifications and Life Experiences

One-on-One Personal training Personal Trainer – Cert III and IV Fitness and Nutrition
One-on-One Personal training Bachelor of Health Science – Nutrition major (Endeavour College of Natural Health) - currently studying
One-on-One Personal training The Whole Journey Nutrition Coaching
One-on-One Personal training Numerous studies in Exercise and Fitness, Natural Health and Healing and Nutrition, including sports nutrition and mind-body medicine, Aqua and Deep water running, Thump Boxing for Fitness, Cycle Excel Indoor Cycling, stretching, fit ball, chakra healing, meditation and relaxation and communication.
One-on-One Personal training First Aid certified
One-on-One Personal training Ms Figure – Runner Up internationally at The International Natural Bodybuilding Associations Olympia 2000.
One-on-One Personal training Ms Figure Australia and Ms Figure Victoria + Best Routine 2000
One-on-One Personal training Member Fitness Australia
One-on-One Personal training Member Team Thump Boxing for Fitness

Fitness has played a major part in my life and has seen me involved in a variety of activities including resistance training, yoga, martial arts, bike riding, dance, volleyball – the list continues.

I competed at an international level in Body Sculpting, where I represented Australia at “The International Natural Bodybuilding Associations Olympia”. I took home the silver. That same year (the only year I competed) I won Ms Figure Victoria and Ms Figure Australia, taking home the medal for Best Routine in both competitions.

I have always been, and will continue to be, passionate about learning and sharing knowledge, so I see this list to be one that will continue to grow well into the future. I look forward to sharing my journey of learning with you.

I can't speak highly enough of Sophie.
She is very knowledgeable and truly cares about your health and wellbeing. She goes out of her way to help you! She would have to be the most approachable genuine girl I know.
R. McGarry

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Her commitment
and love of health and fitness are obvious in her enthusiasm and knowledge.

Health & Vitality |  About Sophie

Dance like no one is watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like no one is listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth

William Purkey

Member of Fitness Australia
Graduate of Endeavour College of Natural Health