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Inspiring Health and Vitality is about inspiring and empowering women to live fitter, healthier, happier lives... to live life with greater energy and vitality.

It's healthy lifestyle coaching that's personalised to you!

Discover new sources of energy and vitality and achieve a real sense of well being. Enjoy coaching sessions where you'll be inspired to be more of who you are. Feel alive and energised as you 'get out and active' with the ocean or parklands as your backdrop. Develop your knowledge of nature's energy foods to nourish and revitalise you and learn more about natural health and well-being... so that with simple changes you can create a healthier and happier you.

Live a life of energy and passion!

Inspiring Health and Vitality coaching will help you connect more with your inner vitality and health, guiding you towards ways to better source joy and energy naturally in your life. Read the “Live Life” approach to discover more about my philosophy on embracing more of life.

Experience health and fitness

...this is time out to focus on you!

Your workshop was just the kickstart
...I needed to transition to a healthier lifestyle! I am motivated to not only improving my health, but my family's as well. Can't wait to learn more at the next two workshops!
Thembi Palmer
President - Kolkata International Women's Club

Inspiring Health and Vitality offers you the opportunity to capture some of the essence of a health retreat experience and bring it into your everyday lifestyle.

Laugh, love, live more...

Thank you for visiting Inspiring Health and Vitality and I look forward to sharing in your journey of healthy empowerment, inspiration, vitality and joy.

Sophie Scanlon
Healthy Lifestyle Coach

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Sophie is a teacher and coach
in the true sense. Her background, experience and natural interest in this field make for a unique motivator who is able to nurture and direct her clients.
I. Niv

"If you don’t look after your body,
where will you live?"

Author unknown